Kids Need Books

To commemorate the launch of our new BookStorm program, Dr. Ruth Ann Marston, Friend of the Phoenix Public Library, has this to say about putting books into the hands of children ...


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Five Days to a Mobile Book Sale

Final Chapter: Doors!

We're open for business!


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Five Days to a Mobile Book Sale

Chapter IV: Thursday's Finishing Touches

'Twas the day before Book Sale, and all through the building,

Only Megan & Suzy from UOP, and some Friends staff were stirring. 



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Five Days to a Mobile Book Sale

Chapter III: Workhorse Wednesday

Who were the poor souls who had to help us set up all those tables that were delivered yesterday? (The answer to yesterday's question, by the way, was 100 tables from 2 different rental companies. And we may need to rent more!) A dozen hard-working and patient volunteers from Charles Schwab and one from Cigna.  


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Five Days to a Mobile Book Sale

Chapter II: Table Tuesday

What happens when the table company from which you're renting charges extra to set up your tables? You have a very boring blog post, and you wait until tomorrow, when you have volunteers to help! (Thanks to our volunteer group from Charles Schwab!)


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Five Days to a Mobile Book Sale

We get a lot of questions about what it takes to make a mobile book sale of this scale happen. (The short answer: healthy portions of donated books, donated time, donated space, and elbow grease.) So this week, as we set up for our big Fall Book Sale, we're going to share each step with you, beginning with ... 

Chapter I. Monday

Step 1. Rent one truck that is larger than any in your current fleet.


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Happy Literacy Month

Literacy is a powerful gift.  Reading gives us many things – freedom, knowledge and adventure to name a few.  To sit with a book and interpret the words on the page is one of the most complicated functions of the human brain.   In an instant our brain sees letters, forms words, understands the words, and retains for future reference.  Yes, reading is a very powerful gift and one many of us take for granted.

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Of Hashtags & Memes


[lit-uh-reyt] [fee-niks]

What is it?

We’re using this hashtag in our social media conversations to increase awareness about literacy in the Valley of the Sun. 

It’s a play on words. "LITERATE." Now say it like "LIBERATE," the verb. Which is exactly what literacy does for us …

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