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Ensuring a future of excellence for Phoenix’s libraries cannot, and will not, happen without public awareness of issues affecting our library and action to protect them. Your library needs you to speak up on its behalf to decision-makers and officials regarding budget and accessibility issues.

Our job is to provide this community of library lovers with all of the tools and resources that we will need to experience success in acting for our beloved library system. It is up to YOU to make the noise!

  1. Be the first to hear about issues affecting our library (and what you can do to help) by signing up for our eNews alerts. Most action takes place during the City of Phoenix’s budget proposal cycle in the spring.
  2. If you don’t already know, click here to find out which City Councilperson represents your district. Write him/her a gracious, concise and thoughtful letter about why libraries are important to this community or to you specifically. (For extra credit, send us a copy! We’re always looking for good testimonials!)
  3. Join the Friends. There’s power in numbers.
  4. Library Value Calculator: Click here to calculate the value of the services you use at your public library. 
  5. Read the Library Advocate's Handbook by the American Library Association.
  6. Last step: ask a friend to do all of this with you!

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