"I've gotten cards for Maricopa county, Avondale and Glendale in order to drive around the city trying to find an open library."

"Last night, I stopped by the library on my way home from work at 7:30.  As a small business owner, I needed to check out a book about Patents for a new invention that we are adding.  I was surprised that Central Library was closed - and I always seem to be stopping by in my busy schedule with the library is closed.  Please expand library hours."

"As a City of Phoenix retiree, the libraries are a way I continue to stay connected to the community ... Please fund the libraries and keep them as open and accessible as possible because they exist as some of our finest city spaces."

"Our library is closed on Friday which is my day off ... Other days have shortened hours which further restricts my access.  Please fully fund out libraries."

"One of the BETTER areas for the city to INVEST tax payer benefits EVERYONE ..."

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