How are the books priced?


The price of each book is unique to the title based on the market. We have books priced at 99¢ on up to hundreds of dollars for some of our antique, rare and collectible listings. Nearly 50,000 of them are priced at $2 or less, the price point to which many of you are accustomed. 

  • thomas charlotte
    commented 2023-12-28 01:52:46 -0700
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    commented 2023-12-25 22:21:38 -0700
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  • scott edwards
    commented 2023-12-24 21:36:28 -0700
    The Home Depot survey is a vital tool that the massive retailer uses to get insightful input from customers and enhance its offerings. You might have spotted the survey invitation on your receipt if you recently made a transaction at Home Depot. You may provide feedback about your shopping experience by going to and entering the details on your Home Depot survey receipt.
  • james williams
    commented 2023-12-22 21:13:07 -0700
    Well-known for its medicinal products, Walgreens Listens is giving customers who purchase in-store the opportunity to be featured on WalgreensListens. After reviewing the summary and marking a few very basic questions, customers will have the chance to enter the monthly sweepstakes for a chance to win $3,000.
  • Thomas Moore
    commented 2023-11-03 21:49:44 -0700
    Lowes Home Improvement Store in the United States offers customers a chance to provide feedback through their official Lowescom survey. By participating in this survey, customers can win a $500 monthly sweepstakes. This survey aims to gather valuable insights from customers to improve their overall experience. To participate in the survey and enter the sweepstakes, customers can visit This initiative highlights Lowes’ commitment to enhancing customer satisfaction and continuously improving its services. Take advantage of this chance to share your feedback and get a chance to win a fantastic prize.
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    commented 2023-11-01 19:57:18 -0700
    Walgreens, one of the leading pharmacies in the United States, offers a customer feedback survey to enhance their services further. By participating in the survey accessible at, customers can win a generous $3,000 cash reward. This valuable incentive encourages customers to share their experiences and opinions, aiding Walgreens in improving their overall customer satisfaction. Take advantage of this chance to provide feedback and be rewarded for your valuable input.

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