Council Districts 5 & 8 Candidates on Libraries

On Tuesday, March 12th, City of Phoenix residents will vote in a Special Election. In the spirit of informed voter-ship, we asked each candidate where they stood on issues affecting our libraries. Their responses are below for your review.

Click here to see a list of polling places and here to see the Mayoral candidates' repsonses.

Your decision affects the immediate future of your library. Cast your vote on Tuesday, March 12th!

No Responses from District 5: Betty Guardado, Vania Guevara, Lydia Hernandez

No Repsonses from District 8: Gilbert Arvizu, Carlos Garcia, Michael Johnson, Lawrence Robinson, Cameron Stevenson, Warren Stewart, Jr., & Onesimus Strachan

  District 5 - Audrey Bell-Jenkins
Are you a member of the Friends of the Phoenix Public Library? Yes I am.
How have you supported Phoenix Public Library in the past?

Yes, I have. I use the library as a resource for my clients that are looking for employment. As a Workforce Development Specialist - I have clients who use the library for events for 2nd Chance Employment Events; Job Fairs; I shuttle clients to the library often for their career goals

In 2010, the City cut library hours. In 2012, the Friends of the Phoenix Public Library advocated for restoration of evening hours for the 8 busiest libraries in our system. Last year, the City added more hours at 4 libraries; however, we believe it is time to get back to every library being open every day.  Will you support restoring library hours to the levels they were prior to 2010? I will SUPPORT in restoring library hours to where they were prior to 2010
The Library's operating budget still has not recovered from the 2010 budget cuts. If you are elected as a Council Member, will you work to restore library funding for books, programs, and staffing? Libraries are the cornerstone to our communities. I will definitely work to restore library funding for books, programs, and staffing.
In what other ways will you support the library if you are elected as a Council Member? I'm an advocate of: *Free exchange of information; *Job/Workforce Centers; *Access to technology; Employed as a workforce specialist with a non-profit organization I work with libraries in the community with workforce and refer many of my clients to libraries in the community for assistance
Do you have anything else you would like to add regarding Phoenix's public libraries? There are many people in our communities that love to read but can't afford to buy books; many who use the library as a resource for employment; and our college students who must have a place in the community for studying and using the library's resources for their academics



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